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PC Components

Need to upgrade your existing machine? Wanting to build your own gaming computer? Lasar computers is here to help.

At Lasar Computers we have a wide range of internal components for both laptops and desktops as well as Apple computers. We stock everything through from motherboards to solid state hard drives, power supplies, RAM and so much more. Come in store to check out our range of products.

All of our products come with a one year limited warranty as well as the Lasar guarantee! We can help if you’re upgrading your existing PC and even if you would like to buy new. Our friendly staff are always willing to answer any questions, no matter how odd they may be.

When it comes to upgrading your machine, Lasar do it best. We use only quality name brand parts that we know will last. If your computer is running slow or if your computer is warning you that it is full an upgrade may be a better option than a new PC. The most common upgrade that we do here in store is changing out a standard hard drive for a newer, better and faster solid state drive. These little hard drives have no moving parts like the standard hard drive and because of this the speed and overall performance of your computer will increase dramatically. All customer’s that we have performed the solid state drive upgrade for have said they would never go back! For a 250GB solid state drive replacement with all user data transferred across it only costs $300inc. This will bring new life to your old computer meaning you will be able to use it for a few years more.

If you’re using your computer for gaming and it seems slow or your game seems to lag, a newer and better graphics card may be the answer! By spending that extra $250-$300inc your frame rate and performance will be noticeably better. If you already have a higher-end video card and you still want more you can add another (the same card) and put them into Crosssfire or SLI to bring the performance up another level. Our technicians make sure that after the upgrade is completed all available drivers and updates that are necessary are installed so that you don’t have to!

As we do stock quite a large range of products in store most gaming computers only take days to build if extra parts do not need to be ordered. We stock monitors, gaming mice, gaming keyboards and everything you need to sit and play comfortably for hours. Even if you don’t know too much about computers and what goes on inside and you would like to build a new computer for gaming, our staff are more than happy to provide a quote to fit your game requests.