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Here at Lasar Computers we stock Toshiba and Lenovo laptops although we can order in specific laptops or notebooks by request. We stock a large range of Lenovo desktops and all in one computers as well as custom built towers for every customer’s need. We build new custom systems to order and can assist in building the right machine for you, be it a media center, gaming rig, server or anything in between. We always use the highest quality parts to make sure that your new machine will last and to make sure that you have the least amount of problems. We carry a wide range of the latest desktop and laptop hardware and accessories as well as second hand parts for the older computers. We also stock everything apple, from the laptops to the desktops all the way through to the adapters and accessories. We are not limited to our showroom stock and can order items requested or to suit your needs.

We can assist with any technical questions that you might have and we can find the right product to fix any computer problems you may be experiencing. Come in store or give us a call on 08 9535 3947 and our friendly staff can assist further.