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Data Transfer, Recovery & Back-Up

All of Your Data in One Place

Data Transfer

Needing to move to a new computer? We have different data transfer options to make sure that all of your photos and documents are set up exactly the way they were on your old machine. We take the hassle and wait time out of the transfer, we also let you know if your software is not compatible with the new operating system.

Data Recovery

Our team here at Lasar Computers may be able to help with an unreadable hard drive. If it does not show up on your computer or some files are missing, bring it down. We have both hardware and software ready to recover your important data. If your data is recoverable we have a set fee of $189inc to transfer the data to your portable hard drive.

Data Back-Up

Having one copy of your data is not recommended. If your laptop one day does not turn on and your hard drive is the culprit, there is a chance that the data will no longer be accessible – even by recovery methods. We advise having a second complete copy of all important data to avoid the time and money spent trying to recover.

Don’t Lose Your Data!

The key to saving data is to have a back-up. This does not mean that all of your data is on your external hard drive (one copy), it means having two copies of your data. The most common ways to back-up your data is to have one full copy on your computer and one full copy on your back-up hard drive or to have two full copies on two separate external hard drives, leaving your computer with lots of extra storage space. If your computer hard drive suddenly becomes corrupt or contains bad sectors you do not have to worry about losing all of your important information or photos.

Data recovery can end up being a very expensive exercise. To avoid this, the team at Lasar recommend a simple and wallet friendly back-up solution.

Lasar Back-Up Solution

We provide an automatic back-up solution to make it easy for you. We schedule a weekly back up at a time that suits you. This is usually when the computer can be switched on but not in use. The software we install copies a full system image of your computer system to your back-up drive. This means that you now have two copies of all data saved on your machine with no manual copying required. This process only takes about 10 to 15 minutes! We make keeping your data easy with our back-up options outlined below.

Back Up with Own Hard Drive – $69

Back Up with Purchase 500GB Drive – $149

Back Up with Purchase 1TB Drive – $179

What causes a drive to fail?

Current standard hard drives have moving parts inside that have the ability to access your data. They have multiple disk like magnetic platters that spin while the drive is being accessed (when your computer is on or your external hard drive is plugged into your machine) and a needle that reads the data while the platters spin. These platters spin at extreme speeds and can sometimes fail by themselves. Data can also become corrupted if the magnetic structure inside the hard drive is lost. The major reason that hard drives fail is motion. When the hard drive is in use, it is recommended to have it on a solid surface with no movement. Any sharp movement such as a fall or a hard bump can damage the platters internally and cause the drive to start to fail or fail instantly causing loss of all information.

What are the signs?

Some signs can be confusing as corrupt data may not affect your whole hard drive. Some files may open and others may not work at all. As a hard drive starts to fail, it can slow your computer down, this is caused by corrupt sectors on the hard drive. Corrupt sectors start off a minimal amount, usually one or two, and multiply over time. Many customers have had situations like this where their PC slows down over time and then it comes to a point where it will no longer turn on. If you bring your computer into us before the final crash, it is a much simpler task to recover the data.

Unfortunately all hard drives will fail at some point, it is only a matter of time. The newer technology of a solid state drive is helping to prevent this with no moving parts internally, although these can still fail – they just have a lower fail rate.

How valuable is your data?

This is a question many people unfortunately don’t consider until it’s too late. While you concentrate on your core business, it’s likely that a data back-up gets put on the back burner as manually transferring huge chunks of data can often be a time consuming task. You’ve worked hard to create and collect the data on your computer, and it’s imperative that you back it up on a regular basis. This is a common task in computer upkeep that is often neglected. Lasar Computers specialises in implementing data back-up and transfer solutions for home and business users alike. We can help with storing a copy of your data in the cloud as well as on physical hard drives, saving your accounting data or even that final essay that’s due tomorrow. It is better to have been prepared with a back-up of your important documents than having to worry about unnecessary costs and stress because data recovery is your only option.

Data Recovery

When a drive fails, your important data can be lost. We use special software and hardware to recover this information before the drive becomes completely unreadable. Our technicians use basic data recovery software and are successful in most cases although some hard drives are beyond this level of service. Sometimes it is impossible to tell whether a hard drive needs data recovery or simply a data transfer without a proper diagnosis. The reason being that a dying hard drive may still be accessible without the need for data recovery. To find out if your data is recoverable, we charge a set fee of $88. We only charge this fee if after a thorough examination of the hard drive, employing several different methods of data recovery we determine that the drive is too damaged for us to successfully recover your data.  The diagnostic fee only partly covers the time that we take to determine whether or not your data is recoverable, although we do not charge this fee if the data is successfully recovered. You will only be charged the fixed fee of $189 for data recovery.

Last Resort Data Recovery

In the unfortunate cases where the hard drive is so corrupted with bad sectors that we cannot retrieve your data, you may want to consider taking your hard drive to a data recovery laboratory. Please note that this can be very expensive although most of the data recovery labs in WA provide free quotations before work is started. However if you have lost years worth of photos, documents and important information, it may be an option that you need to employ. Specialised data recovery experts use clean, sterile rooms and special tools to repair your hard drive and recover some or possibly all of your data. We can advise you based on our customers feedback as to which laboratory is best suited for your particular case.