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General Diagnosis & Insurance Assessment Reports

Is your computer or laptop running slow? Does it freeze, crash or shutdown unexpectedly? Are you getting flooded with pesky pop-ups or do webpages seem to take forever to load? Maybe your machine sometimes shows a blue screen or worse, fails to turn on at all? We can help.


Whether it is software or hardware, our experienced team of technicians can perform advanced diagnostics in order to find the source of the problem. We use specialised hardware and software to provide you with a rundown of what issues your computer has and also the total cost to repair. For this, we charge a flat rate of $88inc for Windows PC’s and a flat rate of $118inc for Apple computers. The good thing about it is if you choose to repair your computer through us while the computer is still in store, that $88 diagnosis fee comes off of the total repair cost including labour and parts! Even better, if you think that the cost to repair is too high or just not worth it, your deposit can go towards a new system purchased from us and our technicians can – in most cases – transfer your data from your old machine to the new one.

Insurance Assessment Reports

If your computer has had an accident and you now require a quote for insurance purposes, we are happy to help. Our qualified IT technicians can provide a professional diagnosis and written assessment report for all insurance companies. The most common cases that we cover are liquid damage and the damage caused by a sudden bump or drop. We provide you with a report that outlines the cause of the damage as well as the cost to repair or in some cases replace. We charge a flat rate of $132inc for Windows PC’s and a flat rate of $162inc for Apple computers to have the diagnosis performed and a written assessment report created for your insurance company. Please note that you will need to check with your insurance company as to whether they will cover the cost of the report, as most will but some do not.