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Home Call Outs

Give us a call and our friendly staff will discuss if one of our IT technicians is required for a repair onsite. This way your computer is repaired at a time that suits you.

We can discuss what issue’s you may be experiencing and the best solution for the problem, bringing the computer to us or our IT crew coming to you.

We have appointments available between 9am and 5pm. Same day visits can also be arranged under most circumstances if techs are available.

Your computer is now fixed so that you can get back to business quickly, knowing that our service is professional and experienced. We guarantee our work for 30 days.

We do a huge range of tricky jobs onsite. As the work is billed by the hour, we recommend that you bring you computer in to our workshop for jobs that can be quite lengthy like virus removals and upgrades to Windows 10. If you’re not sure, call us and we can make sure that an onsite is right for you.


Onsite Residential Call Out Fee   $33inc

Residential Labour Charge (Hourly)   $99inc

Our friendly technicians are more than happy to help you and fix your computer issues at your home. Most issues will be solved within the first hour and if our technicians think that there may be further problems, they will bring your computer back to the workshop to continue working so that you don’t get overcharged for the repair. Wireless issues, printers not connecting to a wireless network, password removals, software set up and new computer set up are all things that our technicians do daily onsite.

We have the option of a Gold Care Pack which takes care of all of your data. We transfer your information from your old machine to your new machine. This is done in store before your computer is brought back to your home as this can take anywhere between 3 and 10 hours. This means that you will not be billed $99 an hour for our technicians to sit there and watch your data move from one computer to another for hours on end. We make sure that your new computer is set up the way you want it before we bring it out to have the set up completed and make any final adjustments.

Our technicians can also set up new modems and routers to work with your already existing wireless network. They will come and install the modem, program up your wireless network ID and also your password and connect all devices that you have readily available before they leave. These are only a few of the issues that we can help with onsite. If there is anything else that you’re stuck with, call our office and our friendly team can help with the next step.