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Mac Repairs

When it comes to Apple Macs we specialize in component replacement and repairs as well as software upgrades. Any issue that you might have, we aim to fix! 

We do repairs on Apple MacBooks, iMacs, Mac Minis and also Mac Pros. No reservations are required, just bring your faulty or damaged Mac to our service centre and it will be placed in the queue. We do require a $118inc deposit before any work is conducted on any Macs in our shop. Please note that without a deposit, your damaged Mac will not be booked into the queue. No matter how old or new the Apple Mac computer is, we guarantee that we will do our best in solving your issue. We use only quality name brand parts when conducting repairs or upgrades, although we do have second hand parts in store for some of the older model Macs as well. Best of all, we will take on Mac repair jobs that other IT companies may shy away from. Our team at Lasar Computers is the best and most thorough in the city and we’re willing to guarantee our work for 30 days to prove it.

Just because OSX has a reputation for stability, it doesn’t mean that it is a perfect operating system and you will never need Mac software repair. Mac software can break occasionally, as anyone who has ever had to stare at the spinning rainbow beach ball for hours can attest to. Whether it is a software conflict or an operating system freeze, our Apple technicians can make sure that all of the bugs are ironed out and that your Mac computer is back up and running in no time.

iMac Repairs

The iMac is one of Apples leading desktop products. As an All in One computer, all of the internal components are built into a single device, in this case, the monitor. The space saving design is great for portability and easy access to cabling and USB ports and it also makes it easier to work on the hardware inside. The All in One iMac offers desktop computing performance with laptop compactness. Unfortunately the design makes repairing individual components slightly more difficult as there are usually quite a few cables, screws and sensors that need to be kept mindful of when disassembling. The most common repairs that are conducted in our workshop are, Mac data recovery, replacing a failing hard drive, dead power supply and faulty DVD drives.

MacBook Pro Repairs

For power computing on a laptop, the MacBook Pro is definitely ahead of the pack. The current design includes a strong aluminium unibody with plenty of useful ports. The processors are Intel based and top of the line, not unlike the rest of the internal components. As the design of the MacBook Pro was left entirely up to Apple, they have worked hard to iron out almost every issue that the laptop might have. It is one of the more solidly built computers having very few problems when it comes to the software or hardware misbehaving. For all of these features and the sturdy build, the MacBook Pro comes with a hefty price tag. That’s why when something goes wrong, it is better to get it repaired.

MacBook Air Repairs

The MacBook Air is one of Apple’s ultra-thin and light weight laptop models, making it easy to carry around. When it comes to repairing these MacBooks, it all comes down to attention to detail to make sure that the work carried out is done so correctly. Everything is fitted precisely in the MacBook Air, this means that most repairs on this model require an experienced technician. Since this laptop comes installed with a solid state drive we rarely see hard drive issues, although the hard drive can still have problems. Most of the repairs that we see include LCD replacement, liquid spills and fixing cosmetic issues like a damaged keyboard or case.

MacBook Repairs

We fix the original MacBooks too! This model, with its choice between a black or white casing, was one of the bestselling Macs of its era. As they are older now, we see plenty of them coming through our workshop for repairs. As this model of MacBook was the first to introduce Intel based processors, this added to the power consumption and has commonly lead to overheating. This model has since been replaced with the MacBook Pro so support for these older MacBooks is becoming hard to find. The common problems that we take care of for these models are memory upgrades as well as operating system upgrades, hard drive crashes, LCD screen replacements and hinge replacements.

Mac Mini Repairs

The Mac Mini is a very flexible computer, it has a massive range of capabilities assembled into a very compact compartment. The size can be a little intimidating until you realise that it still has the full power of most computers but without the extra bulk. This is accomplished by using smaller components to build the computer. The first major turning point is that the Mac Mini uses laptop sized hard drives as opposed to the larger and bulkier desktop hard drives. Along with this, the memory is laptop sized as well saving on space and creating a slimmer, smaller desktop that is a lot more portable than your standard tower. Unlike standard desktops, the power supply is external which cuts back on size yet again. Repairs for the Mac Mini are a lot like repairs on your standard desktop although the enclosure is much, much smaller.

iPad Repairs

These little devices make computing easy. The iPad incorporates the most powerful features of the internet, apps that are both fun and useful and portability to make a vibrant yet elegant tablet that will turn heads. With a display resolution of up to 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, the picture on an iPad is better than some of the high end gaming machines available today. Combining all of these features with an easy touch screen makes the experience simple for the user. With iPads we only fix the software sides of things, so if it’s an update gone wrong or data that needs to be recovered, even if it’s just an email set up, we are here to assist you.