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Computers aren’t the most user-friendly technology around. Installing a new operating system is a daunting task and even upgrading the hardware is a mystery to most. Don’t get caught up on a slow computer, if it needs an upgrade, that’s what we do!

Here at Lasar Computers, we stock a wide variety of desktop and laptop components that can be used for computer upgrades. If we don’t have it in stock there is no doubt we will be able to order it for you. So don’t stress if that new game you just bought isn’t working with your computer, it could just need a little more grunt. We stock power supplies, graphics cards, memory and so much more for an inexpensive improvement on your gaming computer. We’ve helped many decide which is the most cost effective and efficient choice when it comes to computer components and getting the best value for money. Even if you’ve done your research and you know which part you need, we can help install it and test your computer to make sure that all of the existing hardware is compatible and not just on paper. We also do that software side of things, taking your older Mac to the newest operating system or your Windows 7 PC to Windows 10.

All prices below are exclusively for labour and do not include the price of any additional parts required, this will be quoted to you once a diagnosis has been performed by one of our technicians. All prices listed below are inclusive of GST.

Desktop Hardware Install

Labour Cost         $88 – $149

This ranges from power supplies to graphics cards and all of the in between. This does not include the cost of the hardware itself. Simple upgrades inclusive of all relevant testing are charged at our flat rate fee of $88 while some of the harder upgrades can cost up to $149, if you’re not sure please call us or bring the tower in for our technicians to check it out.

Laptop Hardware Install

Labour Cost          $149 – $250

Depending on which part of the laptop needs replacing and how much damage has been caused will determine the total labour cost of the repair. In this case, we take an $88 deposit when the laptop is booked in and then one of our technicians will call you with a total labour cost and any hardware components you may require once a complete diagnosis has been performed.

Desktop / Laptop Software Install

Labour Cost          $159 – $189

Whether it is an email program that is acting up, Skype not working correctly, an upgrade to Windows 10 or a fresh installation of an operating system with no user data required, we can fix it for you. If you are looking for an upgrade on a Windows operating system but with all of your user data intact and transferred across as well, then $189 is all you will have to pay. This is only applicable if you would like your personal documents, photos and emails transferred to the new system as opposed to a fresh install of an operating system that will give you that new computer feel, starting from scratch.

Mac Hardware Install

Labour Cost          $189 – $280

We all know that Macs are pricey, that means when something major goes wrong in the hardware department, most of the time it really is worth the repair. Whether it’s a cracked screen, a bad graphics card or a faulty power supply, the cost to replace a piece of hardware in your Mac will never rise above our max labour cost of $280 for Macs. If there is an issue with your Mac, please bring it in so that a proper diagnosis can be performed.

Mac Software Install

Labour Cost          $189 – $219

If you would like us to install the operating system back onto your Mac or upgrade your existing OSX it will cost between $189 and $219 depending on whether you would like your data included. Wiping your hard drive and starting with a fresh install of El Capitan can increase the overall performance of your laptop, making things faster to open and faster to load.

iPad Software Install

Labour Cost          $88 – $132

This includes upgrading to the newest iOS, resetting an iPad to factory settings, re-installing the operating system or helping with any troubles that you may be having with apps or emails. If the cost is going to be any more than $132 our friendly technicians will call you with an updated total price before going ahead.