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Warranty Repairs


If you have a notebook or desktop that has an issue and you think it may be covered under warranty, bring it down and our qualified Toshiba warranty specialists can assist you in deciding whether the problem is covered and what steps to take next – even if it’s not a Toshiba!

Lasar Computers are your local authorised warranty repair agents for Toshiba also dealing with Lenovo product warranty as well. We offer you a real warranty that you can rely on. Our use of quality name brands that you know such as Western Digital, Samsung, Kingston and Corsair means that we can offer you the warranty that you would expect.  Any laptop, desktop or computer component purchased from us comes with a one year Lasar warranty, although most have an extended manufacturer warranty. This means that if any hardware fails within that first year and proof of purchase can be provided, we will return it to the manufacturer for a replacement for free!

It is important to note that standard warranty does not include restoration of your personal data including your documents, photos, software applications or emails. Having a back-up of your data is highly recommended as it is a failsafe for any problems that might occur in the future. For further information on this, have a look at our data page.

How Lasar Warranty Works

Most of our warranties are return to base, this means that you are responsible for returning the faulty product to our store and to pay shipping costs when applicable. Some products that we stock come with an on-site warranty which means that our friendly technicians will come to you. If you are not sure which one applies to you, feel free to call us.

If you have any problems with any product that you have purchased from us, please contact our store on 08 9535 3947 first as we may be able to solve your issue over the phone. Upon return of the product, we will run different tests to make sure that the fault can be replicated before we return it to the manufacturer. In cases where there is no fault found, we may charge a diagnostic fee to cover the cost for the work that has been carried out. Depending on the condition of the product that is being returned, we may need to apply a restocking fee to cover some of our costs.

If our technicians confirm that the product is faulty, we may repair, replace or refund the product depending on the circumstances. Our store has a considerable level of stock so that we can immediately replace most items with an identical or similar product. In some cases, we may need to send your product back to the manufacturer for repair and we will not be able to provide you with an immediate replacement. As we are a licensed Toshiba repair agent, there is no need to send your Toshiba laptop away for a ridiculous amount of time to have the device repaired. All Toshiba warranty repairs happen in store for your convenience and a shorter wait time. We also provide Toshiba onsite warranties for business customers.

Please note that sometimes hardware is not compatible, for example a new GTX 960 graphics card may not work in an older Vista system. This does not mean that the product is faulty, the hardware may just not work well together. If this is the case, we will work on finding a cost effective solution for you.